Technoethics and Bioethics in Film: A Journey into Cinematic Knowledge

In his groundbreaking volume, Franco Baccarini delves into the intersection of cinema, technoethics, and bioethics. This work, titled Technoethics and Bioethics in Film, marks a significant milestone in Baccarini’s career, as it represents his first international release in English. Collaborating with prestigious British universities, Baccarini explores how films shape our understanding of complex ethical and technological issues.

Here are some key insights from the book:

The Power of Film: Throughout human history, knowledge has been transmitted orally, through writing, and now via images. Films have a unique ability to reach every corner of the globe, forming our understanding of various topics. Unfortunately, this knowledge isn’t always accurate or safe. Even seemingly innocuous commercial films can subtly influence our perception of intricate technoethical and bioethical matters.

Global Influence: Cinema also serves as a conduit for behavioral models that increasingly resemble each other worldwide. While continents and nations once had distinct cultural norms, globalization has led to a flattening of societal behaviors. Films contribute to this phenomenon by disseminating shared values and norms across borders.

Bioethics in Cinema: Baccarini’s work sheds light on how films portray bioethical principles. From clinical practice to scientific dilemmas, movies play a role in shaping our understanding of these critical issues. Whether it’s a fantasy film or another genre, the impact of cinema can be delicate or even dangerous when it comes to technoethical and bioethical themes.


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